What business is best for future ?

What business is best for future ?

What business is best for future ?


What business is best for future ?

Every Country Ignoring Plastic Bags now a days Due to harm caused to Ecosystem.

Government of India also Ban Polythene and single use plastic and Thermocol  from 1 July 2022 which are harmful to Earth.

It is very Difficult to live without using Carry Bags and without Plastic.

This is not a Threat But create a Large Opportunity to Businessman to produce Eco-Friendly alternatives of such Ban products.


If we think that Life without Plastic is difficult, this is wrong Perception.

Lot of Eco-Friendly alternatives of Plastic are available in a Market.

In this Blog we Discuss some alternatives of Plastic which demand is on a Peak.

Best Business Ideas , Profitable Business Ideas, Alternatives of Plastic Bags and Business Opportunity are Below:-


1.       Biodegradable bags

2.       Paper bags

3.       Clay Utensils

4.       Clothes Bags

5.       Glass bottles etc



Biodegradable Bags


80 % of Retail Business are depend on carry bags, Like vegetable, grocery, Clothes etc.

These products can only handle in carry bags.

After Ban on Plastic Bags, Demand of Biodegradable bags  Rise and become most Demanding business opportunity to Beginners.

Demand of Biodegradable Bags Accelerate day by day.

Business of Biodegradable bags can be start into many ways i.e. Manufacturing Business, Wholesaling and Retailing.


Manufacturing Unit Bags

Small Manufacturing Unit can install easily. This business can easily start from your Home.


Capital Required

Initial Capital is required for manufacturing of Biodegradable bags  are as follows:-

          Some Space for Installation of Machinery.

          Machinery Purchase and Installation Cost is Approximately $ 3700 to $ 4300.

The price of Machinery may Vary from Country to Country.

          Purchasing Raw Material as per Requirements.

          Commercial Electricity Connection to Run machinery.

          Other Legal Licence or Registration Require as per Law in your Country.


Biodegradable bags  Material

A Biodegradable bags  are made by Corn Starch which is eco-friendly and degradable in approx.3 months automatically.

Biodegradable bags is not Harmful to Earth and not harmful to animals. Animals eats Polybags and other plastic products which create infection in a body of that animal. But Biodegradable bags are made by Corn Starch which is not harmful to animals because Corn Starch is a food item which can easily eaten and not create any infection in a Body of any animal if they eat.


Labor Required

For small manufacturing unit initially 2 to 3 person can handle whole process of manufacturing of bags.

As your Business Grow and Demand increase then an additional labour can recruit as per work load and for efficiency of work.



After completion of whole process a Bulk Quantity may be order by different wholesalers and Retailers or Peddlers of different area.

In this business some free Sample may be distributed for increase Sale.

If wholesalers or Retailer are satisfied with Quality of your product than they give a bulk order and also can make some advance payment.

It is all about quality.

My perception is If you sale best quality than your customer pay in advance and if your quality is low than you will sale on credits.



A business of biodegradable bags having very low competition today because Plastic is not ban from very early time. It is a new for everyone to use biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags. Thatswhy Demand is Very High in Comparison with Supply.

Low Competition and High Demand creates a Large opportunity to a businessman and startups.


Wholesale Business of Biodegradable bags

Wholesalers of plastic bags now switch there business to Biodegradable bags and clothes bags.

Any beginners can also easily start-ups there business because of High Demand and Low Supply.

They can easily Pick a bulk Quality of Bags with manufacturer and sale it to Retailers or Direct to Customers and to peddlers.

Any wholesaler can directly sale such bags to any customers because in this business mostly customer means Shopkeepers of other products like Grocery, vegetable, Garments etc. That businessman can purchase bags with wholesaler in Bulk quantity.

Then any wholesaler can directly sale there product to there Customers.


Retail Business of Biodegradable bags

Retailing of Biodegradable bags may be of Two Types:-

1.       Printed Bags.

2.       Non-Printed Bags


Retail Business can be done by normally plain bags sale to customers.

Or can be done by taking bulk order of any specific Company, specific brand,  specific Restaurant, or any Name, Print there Brand Name on bags and Deliver to such Customers.


Normal Trading of biodegradable bags are easy and No any additional Capital is required.

But If any Retailer, wholesaler or a manufacturer want to sale printed bags.

Then an additional capital required for Printing Machinery and Devices.


But this is a Double Business Opportunity which create double profit.



Business of Biodegradable bags is a very Demanding Business now a days.

We can choose Manufacturing business, wholesaling or Retailing according to our Capital Available.

We can also Take Loan with any Bank or any other Financial institutions.

Some companies provide Machinery and equipment on Instalment Basis or on Hire Purchase System.


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