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Business Startup Idea

Three Stages of Career Development are: I want to be in the Meeting, I want to Run the Meeting, I want to avoid meetings.

If you earn only for you than you do anything in your Life, but if you are planning for next generations then you Start any business with your skills and efficiency.

People having new business startup ideas can Establish a Long Run Business. They capture whole market with something new in a market with new business startup ideas.

People stands with Jobs and other source may limit on any stage but Business doesn’t having any Limit to Grow.

Today We are Discussing about a Business startup ideas which have a huge demand and Low competition.

Yes, We are talking about Helmet manufacturing Business which is demanded by each and every individual. Everyone Use Helmets either on Bikes, by factory workers and in a sports. Demand of Helmets never ends and grow day by day. That why Business of Helmet manufacturing is best Business startup idea. If we establish an Organization to manufacture helmet then we will grow our business startup into large industry soon.

Manufacturing Unit of Helmet is not very large investment business startup, It can affordable by businessman and they can took Loans from Bank and Financial institutions are easily available for such type of business but this a futuristic business. It is not Possible that Helmet Demand will Decrease or People will not use Helmets.

There are lot of Rules and Regulations and Act passed in every country regarding helmets safety like Factories Act, Motor vehicle Act and other acts which provided Necessities of helmets and Penalize those person who careless about there safety and not wearing Helmets.


Business Research


Demand of Helmets

Helmets are Demanding by everyone in a world. Now a days Most of the person having a bikes. And Helmets is Compulsory for Bike Riders, Lot of provisions provide penalties for non wearing helmets.

In any factory and on any site work, Labor working there compulsorily wear helmets for head safety with any heavy thing can loss there head.

Demand of Helmets id not limited to bikes and workers. but it is demanding by Horse Riders, Cricketers, Footballer, manufacturing unit, mining, Police, Military’s etc. Helmet business is a most Profitable and demanding business startup idea which provides Long Term Business opportunity to you and you next generations.



Supply of helmets are also high because helmet is not a new thing, It was found more than 100 years ago. Lot of suppliers and manufacturing Units area available in a market. But establishing your own Brand by your business startup idea is still new and you can easily become a successful businessman because very few people having these type of business startup ideas.

But in comparison with demand supply is less than demand. As traffic rules and factories rules became strict, Demand of helmet rise more than its supply.



A list of competitors are in a market who manufacture different types of helmets. Mostly companies Like Vega, Dass, steelbird, THH Wrangler Royal Enfield, Aerostar etc. are focusing on helmets for bike riders. They are very big players and competitors in a market.

Competition is high but we can manufacture helmets with innovative ideas, and designs and with new safety features and  providing less price than others.

Helmets of big companies are costly which may be no affordable by every person, If we provide best quality of helmets with low price then we easily compete with our competitors.

Different types of helmets are in a market, we can focus on other types of helmets to apply our business startup idea, we shall research most demanding helmet and what feature can be added into helmets to capture market.


Types of Helmets

  • Motor Cycle Helmets
  • Light Weight Helmets
  • BK-3 Helmets
  • Hard hat etc.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

  • Full face helmet
  • Half face helmet
  • Modular Helmet
  • Half shell helmet
  • Off-roads helmets
  • Dual sports helmet

Let start applying business startup idea into manufacturing unit


Procedure of Helmet Manufacturing

Different large brands manufacture by there automatic Robotic machines, as a new startup idea we shall not go with fully automatic machine because a large capital requires for that machine.

A procedure of Semi-automatic machine is available in Live video.

Click on > live procedure of manufacture helmet


Machinery Required

  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  • Material Mixture
  • Dryer Hoper
  • Helmet Molds
  • Helmet Testing Machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Small Tools and equipment


Initial Investment

Initial Investment may be required into business startup $50000 to $55000. It includes:-

  • Cost of Machinery and equipment.
  • Raw Material
  • Working Capital
  • License and Registration
  • Other Direct and Indirect Expenses.


Material Used

  • Plastic/Fiber
  • Thermocol Liner
  • Helmet Shell
  • Comfort Foam
  • Helmet Visor
  • Strips
  • etc.



  • Manufacture Helmets for other Brands
  • wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Work Factories
  • Construction Companies
  • Online sites
  • Bikes Companies etc.


Area Required

Minimum 1200 squire feet area required for installation of machinery, storing Raw Material and Finished Goods. Manufacturing of helmets is not a easy process it requires full space for each process done comfortably and with safety.


Man Power

Skilled and non Skilled may required for manufacturing process of helmets. Minimum 10-12 workers may requires for manufacturing of helmets. Manufacturing of helmets passes through several process like:-

  1. Injection Molding the Child Parts
  2. Buffing & Sanding
  3. Painting & Decals
  4. Attaching the visors and straps
  5. Multiple quality checks
  6. Packaging & Shipping


Profit Margin

Profit Margin is very good in a manufacturing of helmet business, It return more than 30% of profit. Profit may be differ according to your managerial efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost includes:-

  •  Production Cost
  • Machinery Cost and Depreciation
  • Raw Material Cost
  • Interest and Charges
  • other expense

Our Managerial efficiency in above factors decide our profit margin, We can increase our profit by our managerial skills and effectiveness.

The main Business strategy is that if you have a Less profit margin but your Turnover is very high than your business will get automatically earn high profit, Either it is les in percentage but business grow fast.

Turnover is increase by best quality and low price. If you control Your Turnover then you will get more profit naturally.


Market Strategy

  • Direct Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Groups
  • Etc.

Above modes are marketing plays an important role in any business, Helmet business is grow by its marketing. When any advertisement in newspaper issued explaining the new feature of your brand then our business become success.


Business Opportunities

We can sale our Product as Raw Material to different Big Manufacturing Plants like:-

  1. Other Helmet Companies
  2. Bike Companies
  3. Factories
  4. Construction Sites
  5. Sale to wholesaler and Retailer etc.


Source of Funds

There are Lot of Financial Institutions are available in your country who provides Finance to your Business Industries.

Government also promotes Small and Medium scale industries now a days, by which any small and medium industry can easily get Loans from Banks etc.

Lot of companies providing there machinery on installment and Hire Purchase system or on Lease also.

When Business Run you can easily makes repayment of Loans.


Source of Machinery

Lot of companies are manufacturing helmet machinery by whom you can also order that machinery online.

Without Visit to that company or manufacturer you can easily get all details online, if you satisfied than you easily order that machinery online or offline.


Business Management

Business of Manufacturing of Helmets is a large scale business.

It includes Collection of raw material, Convert it into finished goods and after whole process resale it to other companies and other Customers, and also careful about safety precautions of workers.

This whole process is required more efficient and effective management to manage whole process.

Any carelessness about work and safety may cause a huge loss of Life and Money. Hard machinery working there may be dangerous in case of any carelessness. It cause any harm to man working there.




Strength of Helmet Business is that you can start this business with a very low risk with a affordable initial investment by any person. There is no need to maintain large stock, It based on purchase of raw material. You can purchase all raw material shortly as your requirement by which there is no need to maintain stock, which reduce cost and amount of Risk.



Weakness of Helmet business is that a proper workshop and hard machinery should be required for your work which may cause any loss. Any carelessness of one time effect your business at large. Maintenance cost may increase your Cost of helmet and you shall hire staff for best service and experience of  manufacturing which may increase your cost of your helmet.

Another factor is that if you haven’t a knowledge and proper experience of helmet manufacturing which are demanded and if your competitor have Better Resources and experience of manufacturing of helmet than it is too difficult to run your business and compete easily.


Business Opportunities

A single manufacturing machine creating a best Business Opportunities, Today Number of brands available in a market were initially started there business with small scale and became a big brand by their efficiency.

Regular Research on Features and quality of helmets and and after sale services providing by you deciding future of your business. If you serve good and latest item to your customer then they will be brand loyal and regular for your product.



Any changes in government policy regarding hallmark or type of helmets will use which are not manufacture in our factory may become a threat for your business.

A clean environment and fresh product is required, any Dirty environment created by you or by your staff which may not be in your knowledge may become a threat for your business startup idea.

Any carelessness in safety or loss caused by Machinery to any person in a factory become a threat for your business.


Discount Offers

To motivate your customers provide Discount to your customers, By this offer customers will attract. And you allow trade discount to all in comparison of your competitors in setup of business startup idea.

This practice of Setup your Business startup idea grow it day by day and small unit will become a brand. These small factors becomes a large success factor in your business and life.


Business Insider

If we talk about need of Customers, which is a major success factor of any business startup idea.

In our opinion Customers prefer something new, that can be easily fulfil by providing latest feature in a helmet.

The Main Research in our opinion is that Customer now a days prefer safe and featured helmet. If you doing only helmet business then you should also focus on online service i.e. Delivered helmet to there home or to there shops and offices. You can charge extra for your services.


License and Registration

Different Business Scale and type of activity may require different types of License like Pollution control, Taxation Identity, Factory License and other Registration and license are applicable in your country.

Follow all Rules and Regulation in your Country in your Business in your Life. Complete study of all laws regarding business your Business startup idea.

If you are in a initial stage then you should do something new and special to crack any competition.



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