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Success Factor

I Don’t Drink Coffee to Wake up

I Wake up to Drink Coffee.

Success Factor is a very important factor in a life of every individual. Success is not like pizza that you order it and it will delivered to you in a few minutes. Success is a very big factor which need Time and Patience and lot of struggle. Today we discuss about successful business idea of Coffee Shop.

Our website Not delivering you a success but Providing a best Business ideas and opportunities and way of success. If you have a patience and will to became a successful person than we are here to providing you a small-small business ideas by which you experience a lot of business insider and you will get lot of business knowledge.

Moreover you can experience any business with your practical, someone says ” Running a Business for 4 months will teach you more than a 4 year business Degree.

Today we are discuss a business idea which can be start on any scale i.e. Zero scale to Large scale.

Yes we are talking about Coffee Shop business, You can Earn lot of money by serving others.

This can be start this business from a single shop to any Big Hotel. Mainly focusing success factor, you can start with zero and Grow it to any scale.


Coffee Shop


Business Research

Coffee is a most  Demanding product in all over world. Now people prefer coffee more than Milk and Tea. In each and every office, company, Hotels , Restaurants, either on small shops, People mostly prefer coffee together with any other thing. Most of the people are addicted of Tea and Coffee. They can not spend a single without Tea or Coffee.

All of the above factor increase Demand of Coffee worldwide. It becomes essential for many people. This business have a very large profit and minimum chances of Loss. If anyone start Coffee shop can survive easily and this may be a success factor of anyone.


This Business can be start into many ways:-

  • You can start coffee shop in a single shop
  • You can take any franchisee
  • You can start any Restaurant or Hotel
  • You can start it from your and direct serving to others like Shops, Office, Factory etc.
  •  Online Mode is trending now a days.
  • Canteen
  • Others

Business of Coffee is a very Demanding business and having a different scales in which you select by will.


Initial Investment

Investment in this business is totally depends on you but if we start a small coffee shop than you need only a proper decorative shop and one Coffee machine, and some sitting area, and if you start a business by serving to others directly to there place than you may arrange some vehicle for distance places. You can initially start with bicycle.

Cost may be differ country to country but in my opinion initially you can start small coffee shop with approx. $600 to $700.


Machinery Required

Only two Machine are Required for coffee which are not very costly, Price of professional coffee machine (coffee Grinder and Espresso Machine) are near about $130 and it may be vary country to country. No additional machinery may required. If you have serving coffee directly to the customers to there place than any vehicle may required for convenience.


Material Used in Coffee

  • Coffee Beans
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Serving Glass
  • Packing Material
  • Others

You shall proper arrangement of fresh and clean material required in coffee.



Coffee shop shall be started in a Good Environment and a public place. This is an important to choose a appropriate Location for your business where people visit and having a demand of coffee and prefer your coffee art.


Expense Incurred

Major Expense incurred in coffee shop are:-

  1. License and Registration
  2. Machinery Cost
  3. Raw Material
  4. Rent of Premises
  5. Salary to Staff
  6. convenience Expenses
  7. Miscellanies Expenses , etc.


Customer Targeted

  • Direct Customers
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Online Sites
  • Contact with shops, office, companies etc.



  • Publicity
  • Digital
  • Television
  • Direct Marketing
  • Email
  • Social Media, etc.


Profit Margin

Profit margin in a coffee shop may be more than 50% which is very good return with low investment. Profit may differ according to your managerial efficiency. Good profit is a success factor of any business. Initially you can earn less profit to stable your business but further you can increase your Profit without compromise to your quality of your coffee and service.

Quality is a main success factor of any business. You  can compete any market with your best quality.




Strength of Coffee shop is that you can start this business in a very low investment that why Risk is also low and initial investment can easily afford by any person. There is no need to maintain large stock, It based on purchase of coffee powder and Milk and other items on a regular basis. You can purchase all raw material daily as your requirement by which there is no need to maintain stock, which reduce cost and amount of Risk.



Weakness of Coffee Shop is that a proper sitting and care should be required for your customers. Any carelessness of one time effect your business at large. Sitting space may increase your Cost and you shall hire staff for best service and home delivery of Coffee which may increase your cost of your coffee.

Another factor is that if you haven’t a knowledge and proper Recipe of coffee which are demanded and if your competitor have Better Recipe and taste of coffee in your locality than you can not Run your business and compete easily.


Business Opportunities

A single coffee shop Creating a best Business Opportunities, Today Number of brands available in a market were initially started there business with small scale and became a big brand by their efficiency.

Regular Research on Taste and quality of Coffee and Service providing by you deciding future of your business. I(f you serve good and fast service to your customer then they be loyal and regular for your service.



Any Delay in home delivery due to traffic and any error faced in online service provided by you may become a threat for your business in a online mode.

In offline mode of service, a clean environment and fresh product is required, any Dirty thing or environment created by you or by your staff which may not be in your knowledge may become a threat for your business.



Lot of big players are available in a market. But If you have a unique Coffee skills and having a best services than you will easily compete with you Competitors.

Now a days, Lot of new arts are found by coffee artist, if you have best Art skills then People prefer your coffee first.

Public wants Something New and Special, If you have ability then this is your Success Factor. You can learn that skills easily on YouTube. Click on Coffee Skills.


How can decide Selling Price

Coffee have not any specific selling price, its all depends on you and your skills.

If you sale common coffee as already available in your market then you shall research price of other coffee shops in your locality.

If you have something special then you can fix high price as your wish and customer can pay.


Discount Offers

To motivate your customers provide Discount to your regular customers, By this offer general customers will become your regular customer. And you allow Trade discount to all in comparison of your competitors in starting of business to setup your business and attract customers.

This practice Setup your Business and grow it day by day and small shop will become a brand. These small factors becomes a large success factor in your business and life.


General Types of Coffee

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Mocha
  • Americano
  • Café au Lait
  • Flat White
  • Cortado
  • Flat White
  • Macchiato
  • Caffe Crema
  • Café Cubano
  • Dalgona Coffee
  • Irish Coffee
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Greek Coffee
  • Frappe
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Café de Olla
  • Affogato
  • Einspänner

Different types of coffee are available in a market, you can research and do something new in your locality. Something new and unique is a best success factor.


Provide Facilities

Additional Facilities shall provide to your customers to motivate customers and crack competition and create magic chances to your success factor. Some facilities are as follows:-

  •  Parking Facility
  • Free Wi-Fi Facility
  • Proper Siting Area
  • Personal Cabins for Family
  • Rest facility
  • Toilet
  • first Aid Facility etc.


Requirement of Parking

Parking Shall be required to park vehicles of customers in a nearby place, if any parking is not available in nearby places then customers not visit to your shop. How can they park there Vehicle on Road. This also major factor which invite and facilitate to your customers.


Business Insider

If we talk about need of Customers, which is a major success factor of any business.

In our opinion Customers prefer something new, that can be easily fulfil by coffee Arts leaning on YouTube.

The Main Research in our opinion is that Customer now a days prefer coffee on there bed. If you doing only coffee business then you should mainly focus on online service i.e. Delivered coffee to there home or to there shops and offices. You can charge extra for your services.

If you have a proper canteen and having other products and proper sitting arrangement then you can go with offline mode or serve Coffee on your café.


Business started along with

Many Business can start along with Coffee shop:-

  • Canteen
  • Tea shop
  • Restaurant
  • Franchisee
  • Dairy
  • Confectionery
  • Photography
  • etc.

Growing your business into any direction where you can move it is a major success factor of any business or any person.


Coffee Shop is a Business or Profession ?

If any one Doing any business in a traditional way and do not applicable any skill and doesn’t any Research on the coffee skills and only having a business skills then it can be said a business activity.

If any person learn skills and apply there skill in a coffee shop and make different types and designing in a coffee then this business becomes profession and get there success factor strong.

Any Profession required special skills, and if anyone have or learn such skills then they can apply that skills in there business which became a success factor of there business by which they easily compete with there competitors. And take there business bottom to Top with there Professional skills and business skills.



In a coffee shop, the main factor should be consider is to provide better service to your customers either by online and offline mode.

And used your specialized coffee skills in your business and serve something special and unique. Something new and special play a major role in your success factor.

A list of Coffee are available in a market, you can research and select best coffee and do your business professionally to compete with your competitors.

If you are in a initial stage then you should do something new and special to crack any competition.



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