SOS communication Jobs in USA – Colorado Village Collaborative

SOS communication Jobs

SOS communication Jobs in USA

Colorado Village Collaborative


About Company:

Company believe that homelessness wasn’t caused by homeless people.
Individuals exist within the systems and historical contexts that act upon them. We commit to analyzing and challenging the social structures that foster inequity.

Company believe in centering the voices of the oppressed.
We know that marginalized groups are disproportionately impacted by the housing crisis, and we commit to elevating the perspectives of those most affected by injustice.

Company believe that the experience of homelessness should be dignified.
As a community, we are called to recognize the humanity of each of our neighbors and to provide supports that free one another from poverty.

Company believe that poor people have a right to the city.
We all share in the human experience and are therefore called to design and implement solutions together.

Company believe in solidarity over charity. Our largest social and economic issues will be solved when we stand side by side and understand that we are not independent but interdependent.

Company believe that an end to homelessness is possible.


Why Tiny Homes:

Tiny home villages provide a strategy for quickly and cost-effectively developing temporary housing units that can be utilized to transition people from homelessness to stable housing. While a new affordable unit in Denver costs an average of $290,000, a tiny home can be constructed for $15,000 in material costs. Each home provides dignity and privacy, while the villages are designed to provide a pathway to stable housing. Each village employs a participatory governance structure, empowering villagers to design their community and their future.


About Job in Colorado Village Collaborative:

The SOS Assistant will work in collaboration with the SOS Manager and SOS Coordinators to ensure that the
SOS space provides a safe, stable, healing, and supportive environment for residents, staff, volunteers, and the
broader community. Specifically, the SOS Assistant will support the on-site SOS Coordinator in their leadership
to the Safe Outdoor Space operations and programming


SOS Assistant (Days)


Portable communication devices



Location: Denver

Salary : $19.25-$21.25



Resident Support
Resident Participation
Perform site walks in coordination with SOS Coordinator
Monitor daily activities using the Daily Activity Log, this includes issues, incidents, and other
notable occurrences

Support SOS Coordinators with Resident compliance with SOS Use agreements, and notify
residents when they are not in compliance.
Track and record these notifications, follow-up plans, etc.
Complete all Public Health cleaning and food temp logs are completed
Support SOS Coordinators with SOS Use agreements, and notify residents when they are not in
compliance. Track and record these notifications, follow-up plans, etc.
Report resident accountability and non-compliance to SOS Coordinators
Support SOS Manager with Resident accountability process including exiting residents when
appropriate and with guidance

Communication with SOS residents while providing stable, trauma-informed interactions with residents
Ensure information is distributed to SOS residents effectively including outreach schedule,
resources, etc.

Personal SOS resident support
Build Relationships with SOS residents
Build relationships and establish rapport with residents
Connect SOS residents to resource navigation
Connect SOS residents to personal crisis support as needed

Assist with coordination of Community Dinners
Prepare space and set up for dinners
Make sure plates and utensils are available

Conflict Management and Resolution coordination with SOS Manager
Provide a supportive role in any Conflict Management or resolution coordination with guidance
from Site Coordinator

Violence/Threats of Violence coordination with SOS Manager
If violence or threats of violence break out at the SOS, support Site Coordinator with responding
and reporting to SOS Manager
Provide a support role for Exiting residents as necessary with guidance from SOS Site
Support SOS Coordinator with filling out all Site logs, i,e. Cleaning logs, Site Walks,
Support SOS Manager with data collection and reporting, as needed


Other Responsibilities
Other duties as assigned.
We are a small, dynamic team and at times everyone is required to do a bit of everything. You may be
asked to take on other responsibilities from time to time, but these should not get in the way of your
ultimate responsibility which is supporting the SOS community and the individuals that reside there.


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SOS communication Jobs above




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