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Today I Am Here with Small Business Idea which is Evergreen. This Business is not effected in any situation. It runs and serves in every situation.

According to my Perception always start any Business of Essential commodity which is Essential for Life.


Manufacturing of Surgical Bandage:-

Business of Manufacturing Surgical Bandage is a Most Demanding Business in the world. It continues in every situation and Emergencies.

This is a business which never ends and never fails. Because this a essential commodity of every person. This is a part of First Aid Box.

Every person having any small injury firstly preferred Surgical bandage.

small business idea

This is a reason why demand of surgical bandage is high in whole world.

In this Blog we are discussing about How to start manufacturing of Surgical Bandage with small business idea and Points covered under this article are as follows:-

  1. Research on Small Business Idea
  2. Initial Investment
  3. Machinery Required
  4. Raw Material
  5. Business opportunities
  6. Source of Fund
  7. Source of Machinery
  8. Profit Margins
  9. Space Required
  10. Business Management
  11. Man Power
  12. Any License and Registration
  13. Health & Fitness


Research and Practical Knowledge

Before starting any business,

Very first step is to be taken is Your Interest in that particular small business idea.

Second thing is Research on a particular small Business idea regarding their Government Policy, Capital Requirement, Man, Material, Place Required to install machine and equipment, License and Registration, Market Condition etc.

Third is Practical Knowledge of that particular business, Mainly How to manufacturing process of such product.


Business Management

Before starting any manufacturing business, and for continuing any business there are three factors which shall be considered which are:-

What to produce

How to produce

For whom to produce

After that we should consider Demand and Supply and business Competitors.


Initial Investment

Initial Investment to start a Surgical Bandage Manufacturing unit is near about $6000 to $6500. This approximate Cost may be vary country to country.

If categorized Initial Cost may be occurs:-

  1. Registration and License
  2. Space for Work
  3. Machinery Purchase
  4. Raw Material
  5. Working capital


Machinery Required

  1. Rolling Machine
  2. Trimming Machine
  3. Hot Air Dry Oven
  4. Pressing Machine
  5. Steam Sterilizer
  6. Packing Machine
  7. Additional Conveying machine may be added.


Procedure of Manufacturing

Procedure of manufacturing may be different according scale and size of our Business organization. Some Tutorial are available of small enterprise for small business idea. Once you setup then grow a small business idea to a brand. Tutorial


Material Required

  1. Cotton Yarn
  2. Nonwoven fabric with fillers of cotton
  3. Rayon
  4. Tissue paper.


Business Insider

Surgical Bandage Business is a small business idea with small scale with Low Investment.

If any person want to start Surgical Bandage business can took a loan from any Financial Institutions for purchasing Machine and equipment. Some manufacture of machinery providing machines on installment, Hire Purchase or on Hypothecation.

This is another thing that How can we arrange capital but to start business of Surgical Bandage, Machinery is compulsorily required. But it opens a large business opportunity and grows faster than other business



We can sale our Product  to different Customers  :-

  1. Wholesaler
  2. Retailers
  3. Medical stores
  4. Clinics and hospitals
  5. Online Sites
  6. Other Companies


Source of Funds

There are Lot of Financial Institutions are available in your country who provides Finance to your Business Industries.

Government also promotes Small and Medium scale industries now a days, by which any small and medium industry can easily get Loans from Banks etc.

Lot of companies providing there machinery on installment and Hire Purchase system or on Lease also.

When Business Run you can easily makes repayment of Loans.


Machine Available

Lot of companies are manufacturing Surgical Bandage machinery to whom you can also order that machinery online.

Without Visit to that company or manufacturer you can easily get all details online, if you satisfied than you easily order that machinery online or offline.



Manufacturing Surgical Bandage always have a major difference between Cost and Price.

But this business required all tools of business management i.e; Man, Material, Money.

That’s why Profit Margin may some less than expectation but it always better and Less Chances of Losses. It’s all about your efficiency and effectiveness.

Generally it Return approx. 20% of Margin.


Business Management

Business of manufacturing Surgical Bandage is a medium scale business.

It includes Collection of Raw Material, Convert it into finished goods, and after whole process resale it to other companies, or to wholesaler and others discussed above. Also careful about safety precautions of workers.

This whole process is required more efficient and effective management to manage whole process.

Any carelessness about work and safety may cause a huge loss of Life and Money.


Space Required

A big space big is required for installation of machinery.

And a warehouse with Big space is also required to storing Raw Material and Finished Goods.


License and Registration

The implication of Small Business idea Requires more License and Registration because surgical bandage are used for Health of Human beings.

It required more clean environment and safety in production process and required special knowledge and skills about material used to Manufacture it.

An educated and Skilled staff may be hire if you don’t have such eligibility.

Follow all Rules and Regulation in your Country in your Business in your Life.


Man Power

Along with Labor to manufacture surgical bandage, a skilled and professional staff shall be required a manufacturing of any Surgical product.

Any country have more sensitive and careful about healthy precautions, and not ignoring anything which can effect to their healthy life.




Strength of Surgical Bandage Business is that you can start this business with a very low risk with a affordable initial investment by any person. There is no need to maintain large stock, It based on purchase of raw material. You can purchase all raw material shortly as your requirement by which there is no need to maintain stock, which reduce cost and amount of Risk.



Weakness of Surgical Bandage business is that a proper workshop and hard machinery should be required for your work which may cause any loss. Any carelessness of one time effect your business at large. Maintenance cost may increase your Cost of Surgical Bandage and you shall hire skilled workers for best service and experience of  manufacturing which may increase your cost of your Surgical Bandage.

Another factor is that if you haven’t a knowledge and proper experience of Surgical Bandage manufacturing which are demanded and if your competitor have Better Resources and experience of manufacturing of Surgical Bandage than it is too difficult to run your business and compete easily.


Business Opportunities

A single manufacturing machine creating a best Business Opportunities, Today Number of brands available in a market were initially started there business with small scale and became a big brand by their efficiency.

Regular Research on care and quality of Surgical Bandage will decide future of your business. If you serve good and latest item to your customer then they will be brand loyal and regular for your product.



A clean environment and fresh product is required, any Dirty environment created by you or by your staff which may not be in your knowledge may become a threat for your small business idea.

Any carelessness in a safety or loss caused by Machinery to any person in a factory become a threat for your business.


Business in Corona Time:-

In a corona time, Every business if effected and business are comes to end. But the Demand of surgical items and essential commodities is on their highest position.

Businessman of Surgical items and essential commodity items Grow faster, this threat and emergency proven business opportunity for that type of businessman.

There Sale Proceed is on peak and they earn more profits in comparison with Normal days.


Health Partners

Businessman of Surgical Products are Health partner of Persons and Medical staff.

They play equivalent role with Doctors and Medical staff.



Business of Manufacturing of surgical bandage is most demanding business in the world, because it becomes essential when any person having any Health issue and emergency. Business which essential and important for life, Run Forever and Never ending. It survive in every situation and emergencies.

Corona period aware more to a public about healthy activities and Health threats.


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