NEOM Careers in Saudi Arabia

NEOM Careers

Neom Careers in Saudi Arabia



About NEOM:

Coming from the future, before it was even launched, this is how NEOM came about, and this is how its founder,
His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, envisioned it, as he laid its foundations to be the future, an agent of progress and change. It was therefore expected that “future” be intertwined with NEOM’s basic identity, its name, its values and its vision, and this is how NEOM is… from the future and to the future.

The Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Board of Directors, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, discussed and deliberated with members of the project’s Founding Board – in addition to experts and specialists in the field – about an appropriate name for such a project with a global outlook. When the Board conducted its first meetings to address related topics, among the agenda items was the search for a name that represents the identity and symbolism of this dream project, as HRH saw that the name expresses the cultural and civilizational dimension of the universality of the project. A series of discussions were circulated about the significance of the name and how it should reflect the project’s global identity, human dimension and remarkable ambition.

The actual name designation journey began by defining criteria, qualities and conditions, all of which bear a clear and firm vision for selection; then, sorting and testing the lists of names proposed by the consulting team. The list included 2,000 names, which was further reduced – as per the standards and requirements – to 150 names, and then reduced again to five names. However, none of them was chosen or agreed upon.

During the Founding Board discussions, some members considered giving the project the name of HRH, the President of the Founding Board, either directly or by incorporating his name within the project name. As such, two names were suggested: “NEOVIA MBS” and “NMBS,” but the opinions of the members were split. The team that was not in favor clarified that HRH, the Chairman of the Board, leads major national projects, and HRH being Chairman of NEOM Board of Directors is sufficient to deliver a message to the world that reflects the direct connection of HRH to the project. They did, however, support HRH’s principal idea that the name should be neither Eastern nor Western, and also not belonging to a specific language or culture, in addition to being neutral and rather open to the entire world.

The Board members then brainstormed for words representing the project sectors and its basic pillars. What followed was choosing the initials of those sectors and merging them to obtain a distinctive name that preserves the identity of the project, and this resulted in the name “NEO MSTACBEL,” whose initials MSTACBEL symbolize the main project sectors, such as Media, Sport, Technology and Energy. And then the word was abbreviated and symbolized by the letter M, meaning “Mim” in Arabic as a symbol for two words: It is the first letter of the Arabic word for future (mustaqbal) and also the first letter of the name of HRH Prince “Mohammed” bin Salman. Then the letter “M” was merged with the word “NEO” from the Greek language, which means new, to form the name that constitutes the beacon of change in the world. The name “NEOM” was henceforth formed and agreed upon unanimously by the Board.

Thus, the name NEOM was formed with the approval and endorsement of the Founding Board as the official name of the project; a true reflection of NEOM’s vision and the reality that will be achieved – Allah willing – to contribute to building a promising future for future generations. From that moment on, the lights of NEOM have pierced the sky, heralding a luminous dawn, a promising future, and a rich life in a land built by man for the sake of all humanity.


Jobs in NEOM


Fuel Cell Senior Engineer


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Strategy & Business Development and Execution

  • Assist in the development and execution of off-grid power solutions as business models
  • Analyze key technology development and identify business opportunities & potential customers in NEOM
  • Support hydrogen Mobility team in development of sustainable hydrogen and E-Fuel based mobile electrification solutions, design and implementation of pressurized gas supply and storage equipment and fuel logistics strategies.
  • Identify internal and external risks and dependencies for new business models and develop mitigation plans
  • Develop general compliance statements and risk assessment schedules in-line with local and international regulations and standards, NEOM Plan of Work and NEOM Codes and Standards.
  • Provide support on Hydrogen-based energy assets life cycle assessments and management plans



Technical Design and General Engineering Activities

  • Appraise technologies for primary and backup energy systems, for both grid-parallel and islanding energy infrastructure solutions.
  • Develop hybrid hydrogen-based energy solutions including solar-hydrogen coupling, hydraulics analysis, e-Fuels energy carriers for remote sites, rapid response energy storage technologies and dispatch electrification infrastructures.
  • Develop technical designs of engineering projects (Stage 1 to 4), including design reviews, production of technical specifications, FEED, permit scheduling, preparation of Scope of Works, Basis of Designs.
  • Support internal NEOM and external stakeholders prior to and during project implementation and execution phases, including preparation of compliance reports, costs estimations and variations schedules, Health & Safety assessments, permits acquisition, Initial Asset Brief (IAB)
  • Design process flow diagrams (PFDs) and process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Design schematics, calculate energy and mass balance, and provide plant sizing and technical specifications for off-grid projects.
  • Provide technical support for site visits and site surveys, engage with Local Authorities and partner organizations (e.g., National Grid, Saudi Electric Company)


Procurement & Contract Management

  • Provide general support to Hydrogen team and other stakeholders during project tender stages and general procurement activities, including preparation of Requests for Proposals and Quotations (RFPs, RFQs), review of vendors submittals and project execution schedules, Vendors KPIs forms.
  • Manage and review Engineering Consultant’s Contracts, Work packages and preparation of Work Orders.



Research & Innovation

  • Research and analyze key technology market and industry trends, macroeconomic trends, as well as potential partners
  • Research and develop activities for further expansion of Hydrogen-based energy solutions portfolio, including close engagement with major industry technology manufacturers and suppliers
  • Collaborate with external professional and research organizations (e.g., KAUST, Aramco) to test emerging technologies and support in the development and implementation of external business partnerships, and procedures.


Knowledge, Skills

  • Minimum of 15 years of work experience in the energy engineering consulting or another directly related field (international experience preferred, but not essential)
  • Good knowledge of IPP/PPA schemes, Concession agreements, Design & Build (D&B), BOO/BOT/BOOT frameworks
  • Good knowledge of RIBA Plan of Work, ACE Schedule of Services for large-scale projects, and some background in FIDIC contracts
  • Knowledge of ESCO models, District Energy infrastructure planning and energy management
  • Strong background knowledge of renewable energy technologies
  • Ability to use Industry approved energy and infrastructure planning toolkits, renewable energy simulation packages, engineering design software (e.g., OpenUtilities, PowerSystems, RETScreen, PVSyst, PVGIS, Aspen Hysys, EnergyPlus, Autodesk applications etc.)
  • Strong Mechanical & Thermal Engineering background, including knowledge of heat and mass transfer processes, pressurized equipment, pipe stress analysis, gas vessels specifications and sizing and utilities flow assurance test procedures.
  • Familiar with some background knowledge in electrical engineering designs, power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure concepts, performing site electrical load demand estimations and calculating energy requirements
  • Good knowledge of project execution planning and construction projects contracts management
  • Ability to work in a fast growing, complex, and changing organization
  • Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate across a matrix organization
  • Strong analytical interpretation with demonstrated problem-solving ability
  • Strong presentation skills, presentation preparation and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)



  • Registered ECUK Incorporated or Chartered Engineer (CEng) or Professional Engineer (PE), EUR ING with a recognized International Engineering Council (essential).
  • Full Member of a recognized Professional Institution (E.g., Energy Institute UK, CIBSE, IET, IEEE, ASHRAE etc).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering or relevant Energy related subject.
  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical or Energy Engineering (preferred, but not essential)



ESL teacher Job


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The Company

We call ourselves “dreamers and doers” for a reason: we can make happen not just what is possible, but what is impossible. We are collaborating on fresh ideas and new solutions in our engine room of creativity and innovation. By becoming part of our team at NEOM, you will join other top talent in their fields from all over the world. These visionary minds and adventurous spirits were drawn by the chance to make history in creating a place of the future from the ground up.


The Role purpose

NEOM Careers in Saudi Arabia, We are looking for a qualified and dynamic ESL Specialist for Primary, Middle and Senior School (ECC-12) to join our Student Services teams.

The ESL teacher is responsible for the beginner to intermediate English language development of the students in their care. In addition to meeting the language needs of the students, respect for their languages and cultures and their social and emotional wellbeing is an essential part of this role.

Collaboration with the Learning Services teams (Learning Services Manager, SEND teacher, School Psychologist) is expected. In the wider school community, collaboration is also required with the respective Division Heads, and School Leadership Team. Offering guidance and support to teachers to meet the language needs of the students in their contexts is also an important aspect of this role.



The new colleague will participate fully as a team member in the Learning Services Team and within the whole school.



  • Work with small and larger groups of students or on an individual basis for extra language support.
  • Assist in the development of all linguistic skill areas e.g. understanding, spoken production, spoken interaction, reading, writing, at a stage/age-appropriate level whilst respecting the students’ language(s) background and identity.
  • Awareness of the variables at play for each language learner as they make the transition into the new school community, language, and culture.
  • Help maintain a positive relationship and balance between home and school.
  • Implement the school ESL Foundation Programme for all ESL students across the school and document each student’s progress as part of this process.
  • Collaborate with class and subject teachers and provide guidance and support. PYP ESL support consists of standalone and integrated support. MYP ESL support may consists of stand-alone or integrated support. Integrated support is offered on a case-by-case basis
  • Communicate between class teachers, subject teachers, Division Heads and Leadership teams related to individual language development and well-being.
  • Contribute to the ESL and Summer program team as appropriate and required


Skills and qualifications

The NEOM ERI Strategy, Vision and Mission requires a commitment from our staff members to the following values:

International and cultural understanding, celebration of difference, personal responsibility and integrity, mutual responsibility and respect, compassion and service, respect for the environment, a sense of idealism, personal challenge, action and personal example.

It should be noted that the school is a dynamic and high energy environment: the satisfaction from working at NCS is high – and so are the demands on time and engagement.


Qualification desired:

  • Completed Bachelor or Masters Degree and additional qualifications in English Language teaching.
  • Professional knowledge and skills in the English language acquisition process.
  • (international) Teaching Qualification / Certificate that qualifies for ESL and/or SLA Linguistics methodologies and knowledge of the current best practice in ESL.
  • Experience of teaching in the International Baccalaureate PYP MYP programs and Language B (phase 1 & 2)


Professional competencies

  • Subject knowledge and methodological competence: Demonstrating the necessary subject knowledge and methodological strategies to effectively educate students. Helping students to make themselves familiar with the cultural and professional baggage that is necessary for them to fully function in society. Providing students with structure and support in a safe learning environment to enable them to develop socially, emotionally and morally.
  • Organizational: Creating a well-organized, orderly and task-oriented learning environment.
  • Collaboration with colleagues: Making a professional contribution to a good pedagogic and didactic climate, to effective mutual collaboration and good school organization.
  • Interpersonal: Creating an atmosphere of trust by dealing with students in a positive and open way. Showing sensitivity and insight into social/emotional/cultural consideration of international students.
  • Interaction with the environment: Ensuring good communication and coordination with parents and others involved in the education and development of the students.
  • Reflection and development: Reflecting regularly on the development of personal and professional capabilities.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Fluent English Level: reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Multilingual Arab/English candidates are preferred.

Development Manager


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Role: Support development management activities, led by the Development Director and the team, on Real Estate and Mountain Region projects, and other strategic initiatives as directed by Real Estate and Mountain staff and other Sectors.



  • Assist the team with the creation of development strategies for the project, including evolving the business and investment case from the project vision, for key components of a megaproject with international media attention.
  • Coordinate all research and consultants’ activities, related to market assessment and segmentation as it relates to the specific development.  Develop scope of work as well as expected deliverables, support bid and procure and manage such services.
  • Coordinate all concept design activities, project development and delivery activities, and asset management activities in accordance with the business case and investment analysis
  • Assist the team with establishing and continuously refining product positioning for residential, hospitality, leisure & entertainment and carry this through the design activities, project development and delivery activities, and asset management activities and development strategy.
  • Assist in the development of various assets as part of the development strategy
  • Maintain the project development schedule and align and coordinate with the feasibility, project phasing strategy, and development strategy
  • Responsible for some project reporting, in alignment with the development strategy and investment case, and assist in document control procedures, including the maintenance of Aconex
  • Execute other strategic initiatives as directed by Real Estate and the Mountains team, and other Sectors.


Qualification Required:

  • Bachelors Degree in Real Estate or Real Estate Development, Business, Architecture, Engineering or Construction; or, Masters Degree in Business (MBA or MS or equivalent), Real Estate or Real Estate Development, Architecture, Engineering or Construction
  • Architecture or Engineering licensure and/or certification in investment analysis is helpful
  • 5 of progressively increasing responsibility in real estate development or allied activities, particularly in international megaprojects, with a broad range of experience in design and development management, investment analysis, real estate market analysis, real estate product positioning, and construction.
  • Possess a general working knowledge of the life cycle of the real estate development process, from project inception to asset management
  • Strong design experience is required, working with internationally recognized architects
  • Experience in software platforms such as MS Office suite, MS Project, AutoCAD, Sketchup, SAP, and Aconex
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a diverse work environment with substantial lateral stakeholder management
  • Have a passion for developing well-executed projects in a dynamic and creative environment



Digital Business Manager


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  • Build & maintain thorough knowledge of the Digital & AI domain.
  • Define / Execute / Contribute to strategic initiatives / special projects within Digital & AI Domain.
  • Support the Digital & AI Director with creation of storylines/presentations, business cases, etc.
  • Act as key ambassador to external digital partners, eco-systems.
  • Prepare the governance structures, policies, standards, performance reporting, and financial frameworks required for visibility, control, effectiveness, and efficiency in delivering technology, shapes the technology workforce, and adapts to organizational change.
  • Capture and report technology performance data to the management and identify corrective actions to improve performance.
  • Drive consistent and transparent service costs and financial reporting to accurately align business value with technology costs.
  • Develop the overall Technology Governance Framework and ensure that all functions/processes/employees perform as per the governance framework.
  • Develop, maintain and communicate technology standards and policies, and ensure adherence to them through periodic trainings, audits and other measures.
  • Responsible to coordinate the further build-out / hiring of digital/AI talent for the organization. This also includes working on workforce sourcing solutions.
  • Identify opportunities to improve business outcomes with organizational change. Prepare, support and help individuals, teams and leaders in adapting to organizational change.



  • Highly talented individual with appx. 5 years work experience, ideally coming from a consultancy background.
  • Proven experience in designing, managing and delivering complex organization transformation programs.
  • Experience in people and organization management, especially in an agile way of working context.
  • Specific experience working in Utility Sector is a huge plus.
  • Relevant experience with stakeholder management.



  • Understanding of technology capabilities and trends.
  • Full understanding of all HR functions and best practices.
  • Knowledge of project management technics.
  • Business/management expertise (business processes and systems).
  • Data interpretation and visualization.
  • Knowledge of labor legislation.
  • Knowledge of Quality Standards/Procedures.
  • Solid knowledge of conducting different types of interviews (structured, competency-based, stress etc.).



  • Ability to step into a fast paced, highly changeable domain and willing to take on new challenges.
  • Business acumen & leadership skills.
  • High commitment to meet business needs.
  • Experience with Agile and Scrum way of executing projects.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and motivational skills.
  • Good analytical and logical thinking skills.
  • Ability to craft alliances and positively influence peers and stakeholders.
  • Successful in steering & coaching direct colleagues.
  • High personal energy, active approach with a can-do mentality.
  • Demonstrated ability to work on a diverse scope of tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to operate in a team-oriented and collaborative environment.
  • Flexibility to work in the relatively unstructured environment of a start-up.
  • Good written and spoken English.



  • Master’s degree in business or technical field.
  • Proven track record of success, possibly backed-up by a positive referral.
  • Relevant advanced certifications from top-tier companies / education platforms.



Senior Data Modeler Job


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  • Lead in the establishment, development and maintenance of the Enterprise Data Model (EDM), Business Data Map (BDM), Business Glossary and overall data ontologies and taxonomies for ENOWA.
  • Lead in the alignment and education of how stakeholders across ENOWA define, understand and think about data, bringing everyone on a journey of consistency, standardization and agreed meaning.
  • Lead in gaining widespread agreement of data entities and terms at contextual and conceptual levels, recognising that collaboration with broad and agreed meaning of key terms is more important than accurate detailed representation of many terms, aligning a practical approach to the maturity of ENOWA.
  • Lead in the definition of meaning and structure of ENOWA data to enable accurate planning of data change and improvement to support business needs.
  • Lead in the structured analysis of business data requirements, translating these into conceptual and logical data models representing business concepts and functional requirements in collaboration with business analysts, subject matter experts and product owners.
  • Review, organize and oversee implementation of various industry data standards and how they are to be leveraged/integrated with the EDM e.g. CFIHOS, CIM, Utility Reference Data Models, IAE, IEE standards.
  • Review, collate and integrate data models of new internal and external platforms and systems so as to ensure one overall integrated whole.
  • Evangelise and communicate the benefits of data modelling across ENOWA influencing its use and mentor/upskill other teams and team members in data modelling e.g. analysts, engineers
  • Create, maintain and make explicit organizational knowledge about data and the systems it moves through.
  • Create, maintain and make explicit mappings between different levels of model abstraction as well as actively contributing to the design and integration of data into other architectural domains.
  • Oversee, maintain and lead in the development of physical data models across ENOWA.
  • Lead in the procurement, implementation and business integration of a data modelling tool and how it operates with regards to other architecture (Mavem, Orbis) and metadata (Axon, EDC) tools.
  • Ensure appropriate classification of data working closely with data privacy, protection and security teams.
  • Facilitate and promote the re-use of data by providing users access to data model repositories and assisting users as to how it is organized and how it can be used.
  • Define processes for how and where the EDM should be used, consulted or when it should direct data and application solutions in both BAU and change.
  • Build data modelling capabilities including but not limited to standards, versioning, review, assurance, templates, artefacts etc.
  • Become an active participant and contributor to other data disciplines as needed e.g. data governance, data quality, data engineering, BI and analytics.



•           Minimum 10+ years conceptual, logical and physical modelling

•           Different data modelling approaches e.g. relational, dimensional, DataVault

•           Water, utilities and/or energy sector, desirable working with Common Information Model (CIM) or other reference models and standards

•           Data warehouse, data lake, and enterprise big data platforms

•           Physical data storage e.g. relational DBs, NoSQL, big data, columnar, MPP etc.

•           Data Architecture and Data Governance tools e.g. Sparx, Erwin, ERStudio, PowerDesigner, Axon, EDC, Collibra, Alation etc.

•           Agile and how this applies to modelling e.g. BEAM, ADM, SAFe



•           Strong knowledge of and across all data capabilities and processes

•           Practical knowledge of industry frameworks and their use e.g. DAMA DMBoK, CMMI DMM, TOGAF/MODAF/DODAF, IFW

•           Business process modelling and its relationship to data modelling

•           Good understanding of graph databases and their use cases

•           Good understanding of semantic ontologies



•           Demonstrated leadership and ability to influence at all levels

•           Extremely strong grasp of the English language, verbally and professional writing

•           Excellent communication and presentation skills to non-technical stakeholders

•           High personal energy, active approach with a can-do mentality

•           Ability to operate in a team-oriented and collaborative environment

•           Flexibility to work in the relatively unstructured environment of a start-up



  • Master’s degree in business or technical field.
  • Proven track record of success, possibly backed-up by a positive referral.
  • Relevant advanced certifications from top-tier companies / education platforms.


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