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About Union Health:

Lab Technician Jobs in Union Health, Union Health is an integrated health system made up of Union Hospital, Union Medical Group, and Union Hospital Clinton.The primary focus of an integrated health system is to provide seamless care for patients and their families. What makes integrated health care special is the sharing of information among caregivers. By sharing health information through a single medical record system, important patterns can be detected and addressed quickly. Teamwork between caregivers supports “complete” treatment and improves overall patient well-being.Compared to “traditional healthcare”, coordinated care:Reduces stress for patients and patient families.Enhances access to services.Improves the quality of care.


About Career:

Lab Technician Jobs in Union Health in USA. You have a best opportunity to apply in a Union Health for your bright future and good Life. Job in a Union health is Good luck for you . They pay more than your expectation for your work and effectiveness. There you can apply online on this website. We re not Recruiter or employer but We collects jobs information from different sources and share them to the different jobseekers for knowledge purpose. Our main purpose is to meeting of Jobseekers to there jobs by giving information.


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Job Available in UNION HEALTH:



Lab Technician Jobs



Location: Terre Haute, IN

Hospital: Union Hospital · Union Hospital Terre Haute



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Lab Technician Jobs





Position Summary: This position engages with patients and encourages them to maintain sobriety, participate in recovery-oriented activities and develop a network of sober supports.



  • Identify as being in recovery from a substance use disorder and is willing to share details of his or her personal recovery experience.
  • Completion of an accredited program with certification and licensure as a Certified Recovery Specialist or similar
  • Minimum two (2) years of sustained sobriety.
  • Knowledge and understanding of available recovery resources throughout community
  • Ability to work flexible hours, travel as necessary


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Operate as part of a team supporting patients and families
  2. Receives referrals from, but not limited to, Emergency Department, Labor Room, OBED, NICU, Physician Offices
  3. Follows established guidelines to provide consistent, evidence-based patient education
  4. Contacts health care providers and staff when necessary regarding care compliance
  5. Participates in progress monitor and establish intervention when care compliance is not consistent
  6. Communicates patient protected health information in accordance with HIPAA standards
  7. Builds professional relationships with patients
  8. Works collaboratively with local and regional healthcare providers
  9. Helps patients remove barriers to care and substance use treatment
  10. Provides education, guidance, and resources
  11. Meet with co-facilitators of group therapy to plan presentation of material
  12. Attend group therapy sessions and model appropriate group participation
  13. Assist with co-facilitating selected aspects of group therapy sessions
  14. Provide support and encouragement to group therapy participants
  15. Provide information and referrals regarding recovery resources in the community



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