JHAH Careers in Saudi Arabia

JHAH Careers

JHAH Careers in Saudi Arabia


About JHAH:

JHAH Careers, For many years, Johns Hopkins Medicine– a globally respected academic health body – and Saudi Aramco– one of the world’s largest energy companies – have led the way in our respective fields. So when, in 2013, we joined forces to create a brand-new health service for Saudi Aramco employees and their dependents – expanding on the capabilities of the company’s long-established medical facilities – we knew an exciting future was in store.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services at our various clinics, we are dedicated to overcoming the health challenges faced by the communities we serve, organizing regular outreach events to encourage more beneficial lifestyle choices.

We now look forward to the next stage of our journey. Inspired by our combined commitment to grow and learn, we are confident that JHAH will continue to deliver outstanding healthcare for many generations to come.



Jobs in Jhah:


General Orthopedics Job


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Basic Function

To provide Saudi Aramco’s population with comprehensive orthopedic care both in prevention and in active management. The latter includes, clinical evaluation, diagnosis, non-operative and operative treatment in the out-patient and in-patient setup. To be the ultimate resource to the other health care members in the field of musculoskeletal care.


Incumbent is an Orthopedist who provides comprehensive orthopedic care to all assigned patients including out-patients, in-patients and emergency patients and including pre- and post-operative cases and all orthopedic procedures within incumbent’s competence. Work is primarily at The JHAH Health Center but can be assigned to any District or hospital.  Incumbent is under general professional and administrative supervision of the Chief of Orthopedic Services Division.

Principal Contacts

Contacts are primarily with patients and their relatives. Other healthcare professionals: Specialists, primary care physicians, nurses, technicians, therapists, etc.

Principal Duties

  1. The orthopedic profession exists for the primary purpose of caring for the patient. The physician/patient relationship is the central focus of all ethical concerns. The orthopedic surgeon should be dedicated to providing competent medical service with compassion and respect.
  2. Provide comprehensive orthopedic care to all assigned patients.
  3. Provide after hours, weekends and holiday orthopedic coverage (emergency and in-patient), sharing the on-call schedule with other orthopedic surgeons.
  4. Participates and contributes in the Continuing Medical Education (Grand Rounds, M&M, Journal Club, Lectures to other physicians) as instructed by the Chief of Orthopedics.
  5. Participates and contributes to the Quality Improvement and Assurance Program (M&M Peer Review, Case Review, etc.) as instructed by the Chief of Orthopedics.
  6. Maintains complete and accurate documentation in the medical records (in-patient and out-patient) of all patients encountered by him.
  7. Consults and discusses with the Chief of Orthopedics, any difficult case problems, special problems, and interests. Concern cases for referral outside Dhahran Health Center and any other matter of potential repercussion.
  8. Adheres to the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the JHAH Medical Organization and assures that all work is performed in keeping with the established standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI).
  9. The Orthopedic Surgeon must continually strive to maintain and improve medical knowledge and to make relevant information available to patients, colleagues and the public.
  10. The Orthopedic Surgeon should promote the development of an expert healthcare team that will work together harmoniously to provide optimal patient care.
  11. The orthopedic surgeon must respect the rights of patients, of colleagues and of other health professionals and must safeguard patient confidence within the constraints of the law.

Experience : Three (3) or more years of experience in Orthopedics.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • English language is required as it is the common language of the employee/dependent service user nationalities.  A
  • Arabic fluency desirable but not mandatory.





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Basic Function

Generates radiation therapy treatment plans and dose calculations necessary for patient treatment and in consultation with radiation oncologists and medical physicists.


The Medical Dosimetrist is a member of the radiation oncology team who has detailed knowledge of the overall characteristics and clinical relevance of radiation oncology treatment, is proficient in modern radiation oncology procedures i.e , 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SRS/SBRT, 4D Gating  and has the education and expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in collaboration with the medical physicist and radiation oncologist.

Principal Contacts

Has daily contact with patients, physicians, physicist, nursing staff, clerical personnel and all other disciplines as required.

Principal Duties

  1. Performs all aspects of treatment planning tasks including image registration, contouring normal structures, and generation of treatment plans.
  2. Together with the medical physicist, evaluates treatment plans to ensure that these fulfil the treatment prescription, considering dose-limiting structures and document dose in accordance with the Radiation Oncologist’s prescription.
  3. Assists with treatment simulations and tumor localization on dedicated devices, including CT, MRI, and PET when indicated, for radiation oncology treatment planning.
  4. Supervises, performs, or assists in the planning of the fabrication of custom shields, wedges, and other beam modifying devices.
  5. Supervises, performs, or assist sin the planning of the production of moulds, casts, and other immobilization devices.
  6. Advises the therapist staff in the implementation of the treatment plan including: the correct use of immobilization devices, compensators, wedges, field arrangement, and other treatment variables.
  7. Performs calculations for the accurate delivery of the Radiation Oncologist’s prescribed dose, document all pertinent information in the patient record.
  8. Performs, or assists in the application of specific methods of dosimetry including ion chamber, diode, or film measurement as directed by the Medical Physicist.
  9. Teaches applied aspects of medical dosimetry to students and residents, as assigned.
  10. Participates in clinical research for the development and implementation of new techniques.
  11. Participates in continuing education in the area of current treatment planning techniques, and advances in medical dosimetry.
  12. Maintains established policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance program, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  13. Prepares written documentation as required by the service, such as evaluation results, individualized treatment plans, progress reports and other such reports
  14. Maintains adequate records, statistics, documentation policies and procedures for radiation therapy.
  15. Advises the designated staff of all policy decisions and protocol that’s are related to Radiation Therapy Service, Hospital and Company.
  16. Participates and supports Saudization program.
  17. Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings and workshops.
  18. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested by Radiation oncology unit head or Medical Physicist.


Bachelor’s Degree in Radiation Therapy.


  • Minimum 3 years working at a radiation therapist, and
  • Minimum 2 years as dosimetrist post certification


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Passed the examination given by the American Registry of Radiology Technology (A.R.R.T) or its equivalent from their respective country.
  • Certification of the Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) is preferred, equivalent considered.
  • Meets the Saudi commission for health specialties requirements.
  • Must be proficient in English language. Arabic is desirable.

Adult Intensivist Job


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Basic Function

Provides specialized clinical services to JHAH patients who are critically ill.



The Adult Intensivist is a staff member of the Specialty Medicine Department, and provides clinical care and consultative services to critically ill patients with either medical and or surgical disorders. Will fulfill additional duties for which he or she is qualified to meet organizational needs. Reports to the Chief of the Division of Specialty Medicine.

Principal Contacts

Has daily contact with patients, family members, staff, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators and physicians.

Principal Duties

  1. Provides person-centered care and consultations to inpatients and outpatients in the area of expertise
  2. Provides diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in accordance with the highest standards of care and within the delineation of privileges as recommended by the Chief of the Division, and approved by the JHAH Credentialing and Privileging Committee.
  3. Completes all medical documentation and reports in a timely and professional manner.
  4. Develops collegial relationships and works collaboratively other physicians, nurses, allied health providers and administrators across departments and districts at JHAH. Actively participates as a member of multi-disciplinary teams and is a team player.
  5. Shares in the on call responsibilities according to operational need.  Responds to emergency requests for assistance from the emergency rooms at all JHAH facilities.
  6. Actively participates in the monthly Unit, Division, Department and Hospital staff, clinical, education and research meetings.
  7. Contributes to the educational activities of the Division, by attending Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs and fosters the education or professional development of trainees or other health care professionals.
  8. Participates in interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and performance and quality improvement activities including committee service within JHAH.
  9. Promptly responds to all JHAH queries regarding medical documentation, coding, patient concerns, or risk management.


Three (3) years of practice in the field of critical care and proof of expertise in that discipline.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Excellent command of verbal and written English.
  • Ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial environment.
  • Computer skills

Staff Physician, Dematology Job


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Basic Function

Provide high standard, cost effective, care of the respective specialty to JHAH eligible medical recipients under the supervision of Attending Physician. Execute duties within the approved Credentials & Privileges provided by the Hospital Credentials & Privileging Committee.


Attend service clinical and educational rounds including morning reports and sign out rounds when appropriate. Attend and participate in the multi-disciplinary team rounds. Attend and participate in service/department Quality and Safety activities including reviews, audits and presentations. Report patients’ adverse events to the appropriate department/service office. Attend and contribute to service and department business meetings. Prepare and provide patient reports as required within the hospital policy. Participate actively when assigned to a given committee. Keep apprised with, and adhere to, hospital and departmental policies and bylaws. Ensure legible and timely entries into patients’ records. Maintain complete patient case records. Adhere to hospital policy regarding patient record confidentiality. Participate in medical records audits when required to do so.

Principal Contacts

He/she is in daily contact with hospitalized patients and their families, nurses, other Physicians, and other medical staff. He/she is also in close contact with Emergency Medical Service physicians, Clinical Medicine Services physicians, Surgical & Diagnostic Services physicians, Radiology Services as well as other respective services requesting.

Principal Duties

In patient Duties:

  1. Assess and admit patients through Emergency Room, out-patient clinics and transfer from other hospitals as directed by the attending Physician.
  2. Carry out the necessary investigations and admission work-up as indicated.
  3. Carry out the day-to-day patient assessment, plan and execute management under the supervision of the attending Physician.
  4. Conduct daily rounds during work days on admitted patients and assigned consults as appropriate.
  5. Attend to patients when re-evaluation is required throughout the work day.
  6. Attend to admitted patients through the weekend as per the specific service arrangement.
  7. Respond to emergency calls in a timely manner and tend to patients when required to do so.
  8. Participate in trauma care, Code blue care, or rapid response care according to the established role by credential and privilege given.
  9. Answer in-patient consultations within the required timeframe in conjunction with consulting services.
  10. Conduct rounds on related service intensive care unit patients when on-call.
  11. Plan and prepare patients for discharge as appropriate.
  12. Dictate discharge summaries
  13. Provide in-house 24 hour call when required as per the monthly on-call schedule.


Out Patient Duties:

  1. Attend assigned out-patient medical/surgical and procedural clinics within approved ambulatory Credential & Privilege.
  2. Refer patients to other services where appropriate.
  3. Evaluate patients in the emergency room and perform minor emergency surgical procedures when required.


Operating Room Outpatient Procedure Area Duties: (only applicable for specific specialty)

  1. Assist in the operating room when assigned to a particular service/attending surgeon.
  2. Perform operative procedures within approved privileges.
  3. Perform Perioperative Anesthetic Management within approved privilege.
  4. Maintain punctuality and professionalism in the operating room environment.
  5. When required, keep patients caregiver/guardian informed of the outcome of the procedure.
  6. Dictate timely and appropriate operative reports when required to do so.
  7. Ensure safe patient transfer out of the operating room by completing the required documentation.



Minimum of 2 years’ experience in specialty required (following completion of internship) preferably in a university affiliated teaching hospital.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Participate in teaching and educational activities of junior staff, medical students and interns.
  • Keep up to date with knowledge and skills required to perform duties safely.
  • Maintain adequate continuous medical education credits as required by hospital and licensing authorities.


More Career in JHAH:

1. Associate Phlebotomist


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2. Senior Category Coordinator


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3. Phlebotomist


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