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Earning Per Share in a Teamwork

Talent wins Games, but Teamwork and Intelligence won Championships

Coming Together is a beginning,

Staying together is progress,

and Working together is success.

………………..Henry Ford

It means when we do any work individually than we will earn money, its OK

But when we do same thing in a Team then it establish an organization and it increase efficiency per share of whole team which results increase in earning per share.


Today we discussing about Professional Cleaning Business in this Article.


Professional Cleaning Job or Business

The Professional Cleaning Business may be bifurcated into three parts:-

  • Interior and Exterior
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Professional or Non professional


Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning includes all cleaning of internal area of your house or Business place, it includes Washing, Cleaning, Sanitizing, Drying whole interior area. Due to Corona Virus people more focusing on Cleaning and sanitizing there Residential and Commercial Places for protection from any Virus, bacteria or any disease.

Threat arise Due to Corona outbreak  become a business opportunity to professional cleaners. today their demand is on peak. Every Government of any country prefer clean Environment mainly for protection with virus and disease which are unexpectedly arise from anywhere and spread to other very fast. But these works are more efficient with teamwork which increase earning per share. Interior Cleaning includes carpet cleaners, window cleaners and a variety of other cleaning services etc.


Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning includes all cleaning of External area of your house or Business place, it includes Washing, Cleaning, Sanitizing, Drying whole exterior area. Due to Corona Virus people more focusing on Cleaning and sanitizing there Gardens,  fountains and nearby places of there Residence or their office or any work place for protection from any Virus, bacteria or any disease.

Every Government of any country focus on cleaning and sanitizing all external places, Roads, Dustbins and any public place for clean Environment mainly for protection with virus and disease which are unexpectedly arise from anywhere and spread to other very fast. These works are more efficient with a large team but it increase earning per share.


Residential Cleaning

  • Residential places Cleaning includes:-
  • Home Cleaning
  • Sofa/Chair/Carpet
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Car Wash
  • Bathroom/Washroom Cleaning
  • Building Repairing & Maintenance
  • paint and Varnishes
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Etc.

Different types of work requires different skills and specialist of particular work, One person can’t arrange all arrangements, This work can be done only in teamwork. by distributing their earning per share.


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning is large project that is dome by team. Commercial Cleaning includes:-

Factory Cleaning

Machine Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Parking cleaning

Building Maintenance

Vehicle Cleaning and maintenance

all internal & External area

Plants and Trees etc.

Terms used in Commercial cleaning is much wider and required specialized skilled worker,

This work is done by Team work by dividing earning per share or by hiring a labor. How you increase you services range, results in generate more earning per share.


Professional Cleaning Business

Professional means any specialized knowledge and skills required for a particular work. When cleaning business is done professionally by using cleaning machinery and techniques then it is called Professional Cleaning Business. As a teamwork , skilled staff is compulsorily required and best services rendered to consumers or to a factories. You will Charge according to your standard of work and dividing it into earning per share or hired stall shall be paid more than unskilled or non professional labor.


Non-Professional Cleaning Business

Cleaning of Residence or Commercial places by non-professionals are risky because it cause a loss to your Expensive Furniture, Glass or any other item and damage any machinery or may be injured by any machinery which dangerous to Life of such cleaner. In a Non-Professional Cleaning Business any skilled labor or high-tech equipment and machinery are not compulsorily required. As not a professional cleaning business, They only start cleaning as their wish.


Initial Investment

Initial Investment may vary according to your scale of business and Contract you have. Investment includes:-

Legal Expenses



Office establishment

Advertisement Expenses

Salary and Wages

Labor Convenience Expenses


Machinery Required

  • Single Disc Machine
  • Vehicle High Pressure Washer
  • Pressure Washer
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Pipes & Tank Cleaner
  • Scrubbing Machine
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaning Machine
  • Industrial Cleaning Machine
  • Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Cloth
  • Cleaning Pads

These general machinery are above which are required for Professional Cleaning business. In addition you can purchase advance machinery available in a market to increase efficiency and Standard of your work. If You have not sufficient fund to start that business then you can distribute you share with your team, Divide all investment, all expense and earning per share with your team. You all together arrange more fund required in a business.


Success Criteria

  • Fulfil Safety Rules and Precautions
  • Teamwork
  • Clean work Environment
  • Take direction and respond to supervision
  • Use proper protection equipment
  • Be professional
  • Customer service and satisfaction

These steps in a team by each member of team make your business successful and develop earning per share of your team.


How Marketing

  • Marketing of Professional cleaning business is quite easy, you can do it easily online or with offline, Lot of website and apps where you list your business and get Contracts from where demand arise.
  • You can create your Personal contacts with peoples with social media network or by emails or by personal meeting with peoples in your acquittance.
  • You can Tie up with Big Companies  who want to clean their company or big companies engaged in cleaning business.
  • Tie up with companies who provides pest control, housekeeping staff, security staff etc.
  • Advertising with banner, poster and visiting cards.


Customers Targeted

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Banquet halls
  • Big Villa
  • factories
  • Companies
  • offices
  • Departments etc.


Expansions of Business

  1. Online Booking App or Website
  2. Franchise
  3. Contractors and Subcontractors
  4. Branches in a Several Cities
  5. Merger with Companies. etc.


JOBS Available

you can also doing Job in any company

Various Job opportunities are available in a different Country:-

Jobs in USA

Home2 Suites by Hilton Tukwila

Job >  Housekeeper

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Jobs in USA

The Coca-Cola Company

Job >   General Laborer

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Jobs in USA

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Job >  House Cleaner/ House Keeper

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Jobs in USA

IH Services

Job >   Warehouse Cleaner

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Jobs in USA

Hackensack Meridian Health

Job >   Office Cleaner

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Strength :-

Strength of Career in Professional Cleaning Business is that, This is a Futuristic career opportunity, which has a large scope and job opportunities, There is a less job competitions in a different countries. Few Professional Cleaners are in a market and demand of Professional Cleaning rise day by day in every country after corona outbreak. Companies compulsorily hiring Professional Cleaning experts with very high salary and perquisites.


Weakness :-

Shortcoming of career in Professional Cleaning Business are Continuous engagement in work. Continual engaged with chemicals and detergents used in Cleaning may create any infection in your body, overtime hours, and pressure to defend against ever-present and evolving Virus attacks

Continuously or Long Time engage with machinery and chemicals may cause so many problems like infection problem due to lack of fresh environment, etc.


Opportunities :-

Demand of  Professional Cleaning Business rise day by day. Each and every sector now a days completely focus on Professional Cleaning and want to secure them with  Viruses and disease. This create a best opportunity for Professional Cleaning Business and Professions.

Professional Cleaning experts get good salary for their work, Which results very bright career.

If they not want job then they also Professional Cleaning Business to different organization as a profession.



Any loss of life or health caused to Team by any machinery or by any chemical infection may become a threat for business, it may cause loss of Life or money or contracts. Any spreading virus or infection caused to any team member by dust or chemical etc. become a threat for whole society if this virus spreadable to others Like Corona Virus, Monkey pox, Tomato Flu etc.


Corona Impact

Corona aware people about importance of cleanliness and Sanitization and protection to whole world. This create a business opportunity for a Professional Cleaning Business.

Earlier people not prefer Professional Cleaning in their Residence or commercial places, but Now they are doing it regularly, They contracts to cleaning companies or Hiring employees for regular cleaning, washing and sanitizing.

In a period of lockdown every business stopped there activity but Professional Cleaning Business continues and earn more money and increase earning per share. They act as Warriors who defend people from infection and virus in a corona time.


Business Insider

Lets do a insider tour of business to analyze positive/negative points of business. Business of Cleaning is required large number of manpower, any individual without hiring others can not Complete there work alone. Arrangement of labor can be some difficult and increase your cost and decrease profit.

Second thing is, This business/company can be started or provide services mostly in developed Areas to upper class sector for Residential services and in a industrial area for commercial services. Middle class people are self dependent, they are doing Cleaning work by themselves. They are not depend on Professional Cleaners.

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