Forensic Careers

Forensic Careers

Forensic Careers

Prince George’s County, MD


Forensic Latent Print Examiner I/II



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Location: Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Salary : $51,357 – $118,466 a year

Job Type: Full Time


About Career

This is an entry level to full performance technical position in the field of forensic science using appropriate protocols to conduct examinations of friction ridge evidence. The incumbent is responsible for applying the most current scientific methodology for friction ridge examination and utilizing field specific tools to assist with the process for analysis, comparison, evaluation and verification of all impressions. This position is performed under the supervision of a higher-level Latent Print Examiner and work is evaluated based on the ability to successfully complete all phases of the latent print examination and writing detailed reports to the findings.


Qualification Required

Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science, Criminalistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics or a related science; or an equivalent combination of relevant training, education and experience.


Preferred Qualification

  • Knowledge of friction ridge analysis, comparison, and evaluation techniques.
  • Knowledge of the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS).
  • Ability to evaluate and compare latent fingerprints.
  • Ability to testify as a subject matter expert witness in friction ridge examination results in a Court of Law.
  • Ability to write reports containing scientific analysis understandable to lay persons.
  • Familiar with quality assurance requirements in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025
  • Latent Print Certification through the International Association for Identification



  • Displays knowledge of the protocols, methodologies, practices, equipment and materials for friction ridge analysis.
  • Utilizes applicable scientific methodology to analyze, compare, evaluate, documents, and preserve latent impression evidence related to law enforcement investigations.
  • Performs examination of physical evidence utilizing laboratory equipment.
  • Upholds standard operating procedures, scientific principles and techniques to ensure the validity and integrity of evidence.
  • Performs pattern recognition and identification tasks of known exemplars through the use of fingerprint examination equipment and tools.
  • Conducts file searches for fingerprint cards and prepares written consolidations or not from the same source reports when similarities and dissimilarities between individuals are established.
  • Prepares enlargements of latent impressions for demonstration and testifies in all courts as a Subject Matter Expert witness.


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More Jobs in Prince George’s County, MD:


1. Animal Control Officer


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Qualification Required:

  • High School diploma or G.E.D.;
  • One (1) year of experience in inspection and code enforcement work to ensure compliance with animal control codes, ordinances, and standards.



  • Respond, investigate, and resolve animal-related complaints, including allegations of animal abuse/neglect;
  • Rescue and retrieve animals that are restrained, confined, alive, dead, sick, injured, domesticated, wild, owned, stray, abused, neglected, or running at large;
  • Attend hearings and testifies in response to animal complaints;
  • Inspect holding facilities for compliance/standards, and licensing requirements as specified in the Animal Control Ordinance;
  • Issue notices and citations related to Animal Control Ordinance violations;
  • Handle animals in a safe and humane manner to protect the animal, self, and other citizens;
  • Render appropriate aid to injured animals, and determines if veterinary services are needed;
  • Prepare and submit reports, case files, and inspection paperwork according to department and divisional guidelines;
  • Perform equipment preventive maintenance;
  • Ensure assigned animal control vehicle is properly outfitted for duty; and,
  • Performs other tasks and duties as assigned, which may not be specifically listed in the position description, however, are within the general occupational category and responsibility level typically associated with the employee’s class of work.


2. Billing Supervisor


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Qualification Required:

Must have experience at the Account Clerk III level equal to the length of the probationary period; or Associates of Arts degree in accounting or financial management; or two (2) years of experience performing accounting/bookkeeping function with data processing applications. Any equivalent combination of relevant education, training and experience will also be accepted.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Considerable knowledge of standard bookkeeping/accounting principles and the County’s accounting methods and procedures.
  • Considerable knowledge of the County’s data processing systems as they affect the billing functions.
  • Considerable knowledge of business mathematics and English.
  • Considerable knowledge of modern office methods and procedures.
  • Skills in performing complicated mathematical computations and identifying discrepancies. *Skills in identifying and solving complicated accounting problems within an automated accounting system.
  • Skills in operating calculators, computer terminals and printer


3. Body Worn Camera Administrator


Qualification Required

High School Diploma or G.E.D., plus two (2) years of experience utilizing audio and video recording equipment to edit and extract data; or an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business/Public Administration, Communications, Homeland Security, Social Sciences, or a related field; plus, two (2) years of related work experience.
  • Previous law enforcement experience.



  • Responds to inquiries from department/agency personnel, courts, outside public safety agencies or the public regarding digital evidence.
  • Reviews digital evidence, records and related documents for redaction and dissemination in compliance with agency policies, procedures, rules and regulations, federal, state, and local statutes, and public records laws.
  •  Duplicates digital and analog media for use in trial support and discovery using high-speed duplicators and
  • Computer systems including all forms of media such as DVDs, CDs, flash drives and other related devices or media.
  • Creates event tag designations and retention schedules for storage of audio and video recordings.
  • Maintains body worn camera equipment to include cameras, docking stations, cables, etc. and ensures adequate supplies are on hand.
  • Assigns and maintains an inventory of body-worn equipment (cameras, docking stations, cables, etc.), and its components.
  • Assists with the selection, research, and testing of new or updated computer applications, hardware, and body-worn camera equipment.
  • Maintains, repairs, and replaces damaged or malfunctioning body-worn equipment (cameras, docking stations, cables, etc.), and its components


4. Budget Analyst II


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Qualification Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business/Public Administration, Finance, Economics, Quantitative Analysis, or a closely related field;
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.


Preferred Qualifications:
  • Three (3) years of professional in the area of grant management, financial analysis, grant proposal writing, and accounting principles.
  • Previous experience working in budget management and grant management.
  • Highly detail-oriented.
  • Experience preparing budgets or analyses for departments, divisions, and sections.
  • Working knowledge of SAP (System, Applications, and Products) or similar enterprise-level accounting software.
  • Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Excel, including the use of complex formulae and cell formatting.



  • Participates in performing budgetary and financial planning, programming, and management activities including the development of procedures for the administration of grant awards from governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Utilizing financial analysis tools such as SAP to develop and maintain financial databases accurately and process grant invoices and payments, cash receipts, deposits, and recordation.
  • Represents Sustainable Energy in budgetary meetings and hearings with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Establishes priorities and revises plans as needed to address requirements for various energy-related financial mechanisms such as loan loss reserve and other credit enhancement programs Identify and address barriers to accessing capital for energy-related businesses.
  • Provides direction in compiling data needed to develop and maintain new and existing grant budgets.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of energy performance metrics.
  • Order supplies and develops administrative tracking tools.
  • Reviews all budget submissions for accuracy and run report.
  • Assist with year-end budgetary closing requirements.
  • Insure adequate documentation of all transactions and tracking of reimbursements for residential and commercial grantee awards.
  • Handles complaints and problems diplomatically, displaying excellent customer service.
  • Perform site visits to ensure grant invoicing compliance.
  • Perform other tasks and duties assigned, which may not be specifically listed in the position description; however, are within the general, occupational category and responsibility level associated with the employee’s class of work.


5. Building Engineer I/II


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Qualification Required:

 Graduation from high school plus six (6) months in the maintenance, repair, and installation of heating/cooling/ventilating systems experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provide the required knowledges, skills and abilities.



  • Plans, schedules, and leads subordinates in maintaining and performing preventive maintenance on mechanical and non-mechanical systems.
  • Operate building environmental systems, i.e., heating/cooling/ventilation systems, plumbing fixtures, electrical systems, and non-mechanical items.
  • Review and complete documentation associated with daily performance.
  • Assist shop and contract personnel with performing work at assigned buildings.
  • Observes all administrative rules and regulations, safety practices and measures, and complies with security regulations at all times.
  • Performs other tasks and duties as assigned which may not be specifically listed in the class specification or position description but fall within the general occupational category a responsibility level typically associated with the incumbent class of work


6. Buyer I


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Qualification Required:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Retailing and Distribution or related field; PLUS two (2) years of professional purchasing experience. An equivalent combination of education and professional procurement experience may be substituted.



  • Review all requisitions for required specifications and standards. Assist programs and departments in the preparation of specifications and procurement justification where applicable.
  • Submit requests for items in SAP financial system.
  • Inform vendors of all documents to be submitted to be appropriately registered in the SAP financial system.
  • Contact suppliers to maintain sources of supply. Maintain supplier representative contacts through meetings, interviews, and negotiations within the realm of delegated procurement authorization from the County authorities.
  • Evaluate and provide information and feedback on suppliers’ performance as required. Discuss all issues with direct manager with escalated issues being handled by the Manager.
  • Enforce County procurement law CB-74 and make recommendations for incorporating required mandates in the Health Department’s procurement process.
  • Ensure all procurement activities are in compliance with CB-74 mandates by networking with OCS to gain deeper understanding and guidance about updates to the ruling.
  • Assist with the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting functions. All reports must be prepared with the highest level of accuracy with appropriate explanations where applicable.
  • Assist the procurement liaison with procurement’s end-to-end functions in order to assist the programs and other departments in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and serve as a team player. Review all requisitions for required specifications and standards. Assist programs and departments in the preparation of specifications and procurement justification where applicable.


7. Chief, Transit Operations


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Qualification Required:

Experience: Five (5) years of professional transit experience. Two (2) years must include supervisory-level experience.
Education: Master’s degree in Business, Public Administration, Urban/Regional Planning, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Transportation or a closely related field;
Equivalency: An equivalent combination of Bachelor’s level education and experience may be substituted.



  • Provides leadership, directions, and management over personnel and day-to-day operational activities of the Multi-Modal Transportation (MMT) Program.
  • Oversees transit fleet and facility maintenance, system and employee schedules, and general practices and techniques of demand response transit systems.
  • Provides counsel and guidance to personnel and ensures employees adhere to and comply with DPW&T’s established safety and operating guidelines.
  • Assists the Associate Director in establishing and maintaining good employee morale, productivity, and efficiency/effectiveness.
  • Maintains compliance with Federal and State laws related to policy mandates, privacy, and confidentiality while ensuring information is shared only on an as needed basis.
  • Works collaboratively to maintain a healthy working environment that is safe and ensures employees comply with established safety and operating guidelines.
  • Manages Multi-Modal Transportation Program operations to ensure safe and expeditious movement of patrons and citizens via County transit buses through detailed
  • supervision of staff and review of studies, reports, and recommendations.
  • Oversee the coordination of transit-related grant projects.
  • Coordinate the organization, staffing, and operational activities of the Division.
  • Develops and implements goals, objectives, policies, and priorities;
  • Recommend and implement resulting policies and procedures;
  • Oversight of timetables and schedules;
  • Review needs with appropriate management staff and efficiently allocate resources.
  • Directs, coordinates, and reviews the work plan for assigned transit operational services and activities;
  • Assign work activities and projects; monitor workflow; review and evaluate work products, methods, and procedures;
  • Oversee Multi-Modal Transportation operations, including all transit safety programs; maintains compliance with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations.
  • Supervises and assists in the preparation of technical specifications for vehicle procurement.
  • Supervise staff preparation for audits/inspections conducted by federal and state audit officials.
  • Reviews and evaluates proposed construction projects and plans.
  • Identify the impact on transit operations and recommends and implement solutions.
  • Oversees transit operations, including all transit safety programs; maintains compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Communicate orally and in writing with superiors, co-workers, subordinates, employees of other agencies and businesses, and the public.
  • Performs other tasks and assigned duties that may not be specifically listed in the position description; but which are within the general, occupational category and responsibility level associated with the employee’s class of work.



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