Electricity cost per kwh – Electricity bill average

Electricity cost per kwh

Electricity cost per kwh

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of Power!

I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal runout before we tackle that.

…………..Thomas A. Edison


In this article we will talk about Solar energy, electricity cost per kwh, electricity bill average, electricity invertor etc. Yes we are talking about Solar business and Business together with Solar business.

Solar Power

Solar Electricity is a electricity invertor and generated by Sun Light. Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. This is the Cheapest electricity in the world. Only in initial investment we will get free electricity and ecofriendly electricity for a Long Period of time, for more than 25 years. Solar Electricity generator converts Sun Rays into Electricity and reduce electricity cost per kwh.

Any type of electricity generated by any expense other than capital expense, but Solar electricity does not require any type of cost or expense other than initial investment.


Solar Business

Process of generating Electricity with Solar creates a large opportunity to businessmen, this is most demanding business in the world. Each and every person now switch there electricity from general electricity to Solar electricity  invertor and generator. They use solar electricity to reduce there cost of electricity and minimize power cut or power failure. solar electricity invertors and generators are eco-friendly and with minimum Risk of high voltage or Short circuits and reduce electricity cost per kwh.

Government of different countries promotes Solar electricity invertor and  generator to reduce electricity consumption and for eco-friendly environment.


Business Sector of Electricity Invertor and Generator

  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Trading Sector
  • Service Sector


Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing business of solar electricity Invertor and Generator is a Large scale business. It includes all Parts of Solar Panel and Parts of Electricity invertor. Manufacturing of any specific part of whole electricity generation process may done by any manufacture. All parts or any one part manufacturing having a very large scope and business opportunity. If you arrange funds then you can start manufacturing business of solar panel. This is a high profit busyness. This is two way profit business , it generate high profit on one hand and reduce electricity cost per kwh of consumer. It gives profit to both, there businessman and there consumer.


Trading Business

Wholesaling and Retailing of Solar electricity Generator is small type of business, It does not require any bulk stock. if we have sufficient fund then we can purchase bulk stock of solar electricity invertor and generator. Otherwise maintain sample products on your your business place of all category, when you will get order of solar plantation then you will purchase panels as per requirement with any other wholesaler or manufacturer.

Trading of Solar electricity invertor and generator opens many business opportunity together with trading like Service of Solar electricity Invertor and Generator. And retailing and wholesaling of other products like electricity invertor and battery.


Service Sector

Service Centre includes Maintenance, Repair and installation of Solar system and reducing electricity cost per kwh by proper care of system.

Service sector of Solar business is also a important and profitable business. Important is because it increase life of Solar System and reduce electricity cost per kwh. Electricity cost per kwh is calculated in solar by cost of solar energy invertor and generator Divided with Life of solar system. When service Centre increase life of Solar system then electricity cost per kwh is reduced. and solar system works more efficiently by proper service and care and reduce electricity cost per kwh.

It is also provide Profit to their businessman and reduce cost of consumers.


Top 10 Business Linked with Solar Electricity

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Selling Solar Products
  3. Solar products Repair & Maintenance
  4. Solar Energy Auditing
  5. Solar Farm Business
  6. Solar Consultancy
  7. Cleaning
  8. Solar Blogging
  9. sale Solar energy in locality
  10. Solar Energy Training Institute.


Scales of Solar Panel

  • Residential Rooftop solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Large utility in factories
  • Small utility in small business
  • etc.


Customer Targeted

People Facing Power cut, Low Voltage and High bill can be best customers for our business.

Meet with people in a society whose electricity bill average is very high. Aware them about electricity bill average of solar electricity.

We categorized our customers into:

  • General Public
  • Personal Office
  • Shops
  • Government office
  • Departments
  • School and colleges
  • Banks
  • Street Lights contracts with government.


Education Required

No any specific Degree or diploma is required, if you have any degree or diploma in electrical engineering then it is all good. But to start business of solar system, there is no any special education is required. For a manufacturing unit of solar system , a specialized staff may require who have special qualification to manufacture solar system for best quality of products.

In a service sector a No special qualification is required to repair and maintenance of solar electricity invertor and Generator. but special knowledge, skills and experience is must while doing any service of solar system. Otherwise one mistake is enough to a very big loss of money and life of your and others.


How to Start Solar System Manufacturing Business

Area Required

More than 1000 squire meter are is compulsion required for installation of machinery, Storing Raw Material and safe place to store Finished Goods. Solar Panels are made a material like Glass which can easily crack that why a safe and big place compulsorily required for store panels in a safe place with a difference between.


Machinery Required

  • Leaser Cutting Machine
  • Cell Testing Machine
  • EL testing Machine
  • Panel Laminating Machine
  • Panel Flaming Machine
  • Sun simulator testing machine etc.
  • and small tools and equipment.


Raw Material Required


Solar Cells

Tempered Glass

EVA Sheets

Back Sheets

Coper Ribbons

Aluminum Frame

Junction Box

Silicon Solar Cells


Source of Machinery

Lot of companies are manufacturing Solar system machines to whom you can also order that machinery online.

Without Visit to that company or manufacturer you can easily get all details online, if you satisfied than you easily order that machinery online or offline.


Man Power

In a manufacturing of Solar panels both skilled and unskilled labor required to operate machinery and production of solar system.

Approx. 30-40 skilled and unskilled worker required initially and when your business grow you can increase your staff..


Initial Investment

For starting a manufacturing unit of Solar panels, initially approx. $1000000 may be required to purchase Machinery and Raw Material. Manufacturing of solar panels may be large scale business in comparison with trading or service.

You can took a loan with any bank or financial institutions and lot of companies providing Machinery on Installment basis or hire purchase. You can took loan easily because government of different countries promote business of solar system and providing schemes in this sector for loan or sale.


License and Registration

Different Business Scale and type of activity may require different types of License like Pollution control, Factory License and other Registration and license are applicable in your country.

Follow all Rules and Regulation in your Country in your Business in your Life.


Solar Farming Business

Solar Farming

Solar Farming is production and collection of solar electricity on a large scale. They produce electricity and sale it to other like Residential and commercial purposes.

Place where a large number of solar panels are used to produce electricity from the energy of the Sun is called Solar Farming. Produce electricity by sun in very low electricity cost per kwh and sell it to others with profit.


Business of Solar Farming

Business of Solar Farming is a large scale business. Large number of Solar panels are required initially to install large number of Solar Panels. But this is a one time investment and You will earn for more than 25 years. Minor repairing and maintenance of whole solar plant may be require time to time, Any other major expense will not require in future, You Gross receipt will be your profit after deduct some minor expense. People now a days want to reduce there electricity cost per kwh and we can provide cheap electricity.


Solar Farming business  is Demanding Because:-

  • Low cost Energy
  • Low Maintenance
  • No any Coal or Fuel requirement.
  • Minimum Power cut etc.


Solar Panel Maintenance Business

Solar System Maintenance business is a most demanding and profitable business. As a growing demand of solar system, demand of there Repair and Maintenance and Cleaning of Solar panels also rise.

Installation of Solar system is a one time process bur service of that panels is recurring process. After a period of time panels decrease there production capacity and Repairing and cleaning such panels again restore there production capacity and increase life of panel and reduce electricity cost per kwh. That why demand of Maintenance business is evergreen and continuous in nature.


Why Periodically Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance is necessary:-

After a period of time Solar system becomes weak and loose there Production capacity. Periodical Solar panel cleaning and Maintenance Improve it’s efficiency and production capacity. Periodical Service to Solar Panel Restore it to Full capacity production as new.

Solar Panels can only installed in open area, on a Top, Dust and Particles collected on a face of panel and in there parts. Cleaning and Maintenance expert Remove all threats which become barrier in production capacity of panel and decrease electricity cost per kwh.


Guidelines to Clean Solar Panels

Safety of person doing cleaning

Cleaning Time and Period

Chemical used

Removing of Marks

Prevent Panel from Scratches during cleaning

Water Pressure

Cleaning process of Solar Panels is a very Risky Task. Because location of solar panel is mostly unsafe. During Cleaning, Cleaner should follow all safety precautions and doing there work carefully. Chemicals and tools used in cleaning must be proper otherwise it create scratches on solar panel which is harmful to panels.



Strength :-

Strength of Career in Solar Electricity Business is that, This is a Futuristic career opportunity, which has a large scope of business and job opportunities, There is a less job competitions in a different countries. Few Solar Electricity Business are in a market and demand of Solar Electricity rise day by day in every country. People face high electricity charges and Power cut switching there mode of electricity to Solar Electricity and and reduce there electricity charges and Problems which grow business faster.

Other Career opportunity is Companies hiring Solar and electric experts with very high salary and perquisites. Because they know why Solar Electricity become necessary for everyone.


Weakness :-

Weakness of career in Solar Electricity Business are Continuous engagement in electric work is a risky for workers. Continual engaged with Solar Electricity tools and chemical used in Cleaning may create any infection in your body, overtime hours, and pressure and work on Roof is very difficult and injurious to health.

Mostly people don’t know about importance of Solar Electricity and not aware about why it is important.


Opportunities :-

Demand of  Professional Solar Electricity Business rise day by day. Each and every person now a days completely depends on electricity and want to reduce there electricity expense by using cheapest mode of electricity. This create a best opportunity for Professional of Solar Electricity.



Any loss of life or health caused to Team by any electric current or working in direct sunlight or by any chemical infection may become a threat for business, it may cause loss of Life or money or contracts.


Business Insider

This business required special knowledge and experience of electricity and Solar system.

If you have less knowledge and experience then you may unable to manage and not optimum utilize man, material, and machines properly which cause a heavy loss to your business. And you will not compete with your competitors.

Lets do a insider tour of business to analyze positive/negative points of business. Solar Electricity Business is required number of manpower, any individual without hiring others can not Complete there work alone. Arrangement of labor can be some difficult and increase your cost and decrease profit.

Second thing is, This business/company can be started or provide services mostly in developed Areas to upper class sector. or in industrial areas. Person with low earning or saving may not afford the initial Cost of panels. People can pay electricity cost per kwh but not afford initial bug investment.


Profit Margin

Profit margin is very high in this business. Demand of solar panel rise day by day due to rise in cost of electricity in every mode. People switching tp solar system rather than depending on other mode of electricity. When demand of any product rise then turnover increase business profit. Profit of Solar business is not fix because it includes list of parts and relative products.



Today whole world is depends on electricity, if there is no electricity life become impossible. All works of anyone is totally depends on electricity. But electricity is mostly produce by coal and water. But many countries face shot fall of coal now a days. Then if whole country get shortage of coal and water then how is possible to run any business or life easily.

Other alternatives are also like Diesel and petrol but they increase electricity cost per kwh at large. Then the most cheapest alternative mode of production of electricity is Solar System which with very low electricity cost per kwh provides electricity in free by sunlight. Electricity cost per kwh of Solar system is less than electricity cost per kwh of any other mode.


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Electricity cost per kwh


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