Business with zero investment

Business with zero investment

How to start business with zero investment.


Is it possible to start any New Business with NO INVESTMENT ?

Yes, It is Possible  if you invest your Mind properly than, Nothing is impossible.

Lot of People in a world think that any Business is only start by investing money.

But some people are Rely on there Skills to do any Business.

This Blog containing Business Ideas and way of Doing Business by which we Earn Good Profit by only using Business Skills without investing any money.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment or No Investment Today are available in this Blog.





How to start wholesale clothes business ?

Research on your local market demand in clothes.

After realizing the cloth category and fabrics demanding in your local market.

Reach to a company or small manufacturer, who manufacture such specific category of clothes.

Pick some catalogues and images in your mobile phone and assure quality & fabrics of clothes, i.e. cotton, silk, wool, chiffon, etc.

Show that catalogues to retailers in a local market and if they agreed, take order of clothes and take some advance payment (if possible) from such retailer.

And Start trading.



How to start Retail clothes business?

Choose a top social media network or any Top online shopping sites i.e; Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Research of demand and compliances of such social network or shopping website.

Reach any nearest wholesaler or manufacturer of clothes.

Pick some catalogues and images in your mobile phone and assure quality & fabrics of clothes, i.e. cotton, silk, wool, chiffon, etc.

Put such catalogues and images on social media websites and shopping websites with its price and fabrics.

And Start trading.


Investment Required

You should have a Smart phone or a computer and whatsapp or any other social media network.

Some travelling cost may be occurred in whole transaction.


How to grow business ?

After making profit by a business with zero investment provided above, we can create our wholesale or retail shop by purchasing and hold some stock with money earned by a zero investment.


How to start business with low investment ?

Pick some samples and assure quality & fabrics of clothes, i.e. cotton, silk, wool, chiffon, etc.

Show that samples to retailers in a local market and if they agree, place order of clothes and take some advance payment (if possible) from such retailer and purchase bulk quantity of product as per order related to such sample and sale it to retailer.




Clothing business is a one of the most profitable business in the world.

Any Beginner can earn a lot of profit and create their own business with zero investment initially and grow day by day.


Legal Formalities

Different Legal Formalities are in a different Countries to start any business.

Before starting any business you should study about Legal Compliances for that particular Business or Consult  with any Law Practitioner or Tax Practitioner.

Any Registration may be required to start any Business.


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How to start business with zero investment.

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Business with zero investment Above



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