business idea in less than $100

business idea in less than

Best Business idea in less than $100


Led Bulb Manufacturing Unit

business idea in less than $100

Is it Possible to set up any Manufacturing Unit in $100 ?

Yes everything is possible in this world.

Impossible itself says I am possible

We are always talking about small earning ideas in Our Blogs.

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One of the most earning idea below is waiting for you


Led light/bulb

No one in the world who haven’t use lights.

Imagine World without Lights in the Night.

Every person in the world using different types of light but every person want to search such type of light which consume less electricity and produce more light. Led Bulb is one of the most best option which consume less electricity and produce more light.

This is a reason behind demand of led bulb/lights is evergreen and futuristic , wholesaling and retailing is also a best business of led bulb in low investment but Manufacturing of led bulb required of huge capital to set up a business

We are here with idea by which you can set up your own Manufacturing Unit of led bulb/light only in less than $100.


Let’s Start……


Small Manufacturing Unit of Led Lights/Bulbs

We can start manufacturing of led light bulbs into two ways :

               1.    Assembling of led bulb

               2.    Repairing of Scrap Bulbs.


Assembling business

Led bulb is not a single product, it is a assembling of small small parts which are –

      1.    Lens/Optics

      2.    Led chips

      3.    Heat sink

      4.    Circuit board/Driver

      5.    Housing

      6.    Base.

These parts are easily available in a market in a very low price. Process of assembling of led bulbs is very easy and easily understands and anyone can obtain skills in 10 minutes through training program on YouTube all by any other network.



After completion of process of assembling led light bulb you can Pack it into box and give it your name or brand name as your wish according to law applicable in your country.

Now your product is ready for marketing.



Meet different wholesaler and retailer in your market, Give him/her samples of different types of bulb in a different energy consuming category. If agreed by such wholesaler/Retailer, Pick an order and dispatch bulk quantity as per demand to that businessman.

You can take some advance payment (if possible) to increase your production capacity.


Repairing of Scrap Led

This is a very lowest investment business in the world to collect defective scrap/ damaged bulb/ from scrapers.

Scrapers sold such type of scraped bulb in kilograms in a cheap price. You can purchase easily that led bulb into kilograms in very low cost you can choose some bulbs that have very minor defect, after minor repairing process which can easily available on YouTube we can easily sale that led bulbs into market and those bulb which have major defects we can change their major part i.e. lens, led chips, heat sink, circuit board, housing, base etc. we can easily sale led bulb into a market with Lowest price.



Marketing of repaired led bulb/light is very easy due to low cost of led bulb, we can sold such bulb at a very low price by which we can easily compete with our competitors and increase our customers earlier.


Machinery Required

Machinery required in whole process can purchase in less than $1, Machinery used in whole process of manufacturing of led bulb is only electric solder iron which prices in market is below then $1.


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business idea in less than Above


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